Nerdist interviews Browsing Effect actress Jess Nurse about her interactive series #WARGAMES

Hearing a television show watches you back would normally be terrifying, but that’s half the fun when it comes to Eko’s new interactive series #WarGames. On today’s Nerdist News Talks Back, the show’s star Jess Nurse talked to us about how they have re-imagined the classic film for 2018, and we also discussed our favorite April Fool’s Day pranks, and John Boyega‘s future in Star Warsas well as possibly even the MCU.

Joining guest host Dan Casey today was producer Jason Nguyen and Nerdist News writer Aliza Pearl; they welcomed Jess Nurse from #WarGames (you can watch the first episode right here at Nerdist). First, they went over which April Fool’s Day prank was their favorite this year, like possibly the one about how Warner Bros’ standalone Joker film will be a Dark Knight prequel. Is there a chance that could ever actually happen? Did we prefer the absurd Rick and Morty “episode” or our own The Last Jedi thala-siren breasts featurette?

Speaking of Star Wars, John Boyega had some comments about how Finn and Rey will be getting back together in Episode IX. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they got to hang out again, but since they were apart for The Last Jedi, we’re interested in seeing how their relationship will change. And in another universe, Boyega may have some talks with Marvel about a role in the MCU.

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Then, we heard from Jess all about Eko’s new series #WarGames; she said her character Kelly is “the 2018 version of Matthew Broderick.” Except this series has an interactive element because it also watches the viewer. She said, “If you take a different approach to it you’ll get a very different story.” What will it take to access all four different potential endings of episode three that even Jess herself can’t unlock?

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Roan Bibby